QPR – Against the Gates of Loftus Road


It was a record turnout from the entourage.

Nine of us had arrived in West London to watch the irrepressible Blue Machine sweep away the debauched, soul-less mercenaries of QPR and continue biting away at Sheffield Wednesday’s trotters in the race for the play offs.

We left the Brewdog in Shepherd’s Bush and made our way towards Loftus Road.

Where are ya? Upper or Lower?” snapped a policeman on the street corner.

Upper” we replied.

Like the Ghost of Christmas Future from the Muppet Christmas Carol this morose figure closed his eyes and slowly pointed to the side street on our right.

We nodded back in appreciation and rambled into the street.

In the distance were Blues fans. A disorganised rabble. But there were lots of them. I mean too many to be outside the ground at this time. There was a huge circular gathering, Brummies crammed together ,like a bunch of pissed-off penguins, but they weren’t huddling for warmth, they were close together due to a total a lack of space.

At the front stood a thin line of police and stewards. It was 2:55pm.

Ah this must be QPR’s version of the terrorist searches. Nae bother. We’ll just wait here, get frisked and we’ll get in the ground for kick off. No problem. I’d rather have a five minute delay than find out i’m taking a piss next to a shoe bomber when I go for a slash at half time.”

Five minutes passed. Ten. Fifteen.

We hadn’t moved.

The crowd wasn’t moving. We hadn’t even moved forward an inch. What the hell was going on?

Oooohh!’ the noises from inside the stadium indicated somebody had gone close to scoring.

COME ON! LET US IN! WHATS GOING ON!?’ a desperate Blues fan shouted over the top of the crowd in the general direction of the stewards. People were getting frustrated.

Five more minutes passed. It was now 3:15pm.

We want our money back. We want our money back!’ chanted the Blues fans, who were now in danger of missing the entire first half as the clock continued ticking.

What the fuck is going on? What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck is going on?’. The Blues fans were getting angry, hundreds more had joined the crowd from behind us, we were now encased within the crowd.

At a sudden, the idiocy of the QPR authorities became tolerable no more, hundreds of Blues fans surged forwards and broke through the police line. The police got their batons out and tried to beat back the crowds, but sheer numbers overpowered them.

This was a small, narrow, residential street with lots of fences, railings, cones. Blues fans were falling over the cones and getting trampled on before people helped them to their feet. I was crushed against a wall and had to swivel here and there to create a bit of breathing room. I looked over to the right and a dad was holding his son aloft, above his head, who was crying in a flood of tears and was scared for his life.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. This is 2016. Why are QPR doing this? They’ve locked us out the ground and we’re now trapped.

I saw NattyBopper of SHA fame about twenty people in front of me, he was being dragged along in a river of bodies, he was like a twig in a stream speeding along in the quick rapids, before he disappeared. His friends, the Boppettes, had white faces of sheer terror and had become separated from their pal. They cried out, like lost Syrian children in the crowds at Lesbos, but Natty had been carried away and his fate was unknown.

I struggled through the people and got to a police officer.

‘What the hell is going on? We’re being crushed here. Why won’t they let us in?’

The police officer responded ‘Apparently two Birminam fans were drunk going through the turnstiles and had a little scuffle, so QPR have shut the gates and they aren’t letting anybody in.’

I replied ‘That’s ridiculous. We’re being crushed here, and we’re missing the game. Why don’t they just let the drunk people in, they can take a seat and sober up. Or just arrest the two drunk blokes and let the rest of us in ffs.

‘We can’t do that. It’s private property. It’s up to QPR if they want to open the gates’ lamented the over-worked copper.

What a disgrace of a club are QPR. A disgusting club.

More children were crying. Fights were kicking off behind us. Abuse was hurled at the police. Meanwhile QPR staff were sticking their heads out the windows of Loftus Road and smiling, before disappearing back in their offices.

BANG BANG BANG. I could hear Blues fans at the front trying to kick through the gates.

The gates opened. I was carried in an almighty surge into a narrow alleyway enclosed with bricks, before I got into the entrance of the ground. There, a Red Indian, who looked like Chief from the film ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was trying to frisk supporters for bombs. He half-heartedly tapped one fan on the rib cage and then sighed…

‘Fuck it’.

He gave up. The Blues fans poured past him.

We managed to get in our seat about 25 minutes into the game.

We were ‘restricted view gold’. Top tier, above the goal. Battered and bruised we took our seats. The QPR fans were like 12,000 people waiting for a bus. They were silent, disinterested and took on a cardboard-cutout quality.

They were terrible, but they did have a Moroccan in a Mexican hat who continually shook a rattle and danced around like a Medieval Jester in ignorant delight.

‘One fan, you’ve only got one fan‘ – mocked the Blues hordes.

The ball trickled down the line. Shotton went over to kick the ball out of play….but he totally missed it, and now the oncoming QPR player had got to the ball and was in on goal. 1-0.

Cue darts music.

The hitherto bus stop QPR fans burst into life.

Moments later the blonde-headed QPR striker got the wrong side of Morrison. He moved away from the ball, backed into Morrison, bought the contact and flopped over like a fish. The ref had no hesitation to award the phantom-foul.

Penalty. 2-0. The fat chavs were dancing again.

The broken, bruised and shook up Blues fans who had narrowly escaped another Hillsbrough outside had taken their seats half way through the game just as QPR scored two soft soft goals and this did nothing to quell their irritation.

I could sense the anger boiling. Over to my far right the QPR fans were animated, and the Blues fans were shouting and cheering. There have been reports some coins were thrown in both directions. Footage has since emerged of a QPR fan invading the pitch, running over to the Blues fans to attack our traveling contingent only for a Brummie to jump over the sponsor board and with one punch, plant the QPR fan flat on his arse. KO.

The game quickly petered out into a non-event as QPR settled for their 2-0 win, and our lack of quality meant we couldn’t break them down or even muster a single half effort of note.

After the game the entourage and I went to a few bars around Covent Garden, grabbed a bite to eat and got the last train back to the Motherland. We were entertained by two rival gangs of extremely posh, sexually-ambiguous ‘rugger’ fans from ‘Royal’ Leamington Spa who spent the whole hour and a half arguing about which side of the river was the best.

I logged on to Twitter and saw the news breaking…

‘Evil Birmingham fans cause mass disturbances at Loftus Road’

‘QPR to launch probe over coin throwing allegations’.

The Hillsbrough-antics outside the stadium had been covered up. QPR had seen to that.

Instead the Blues fans were having their names dragged through the mud over a minor incident in the corner which saw both fans hurling missiles at one another for five minutes.

QPR, not content with charging me £32 for a restricted view ticket and denying me entry to the stadium for almost a third of the game; not content with getting away with almost killing innocent members of the public by creating crushing conditions outside the stadium; not content with cheating to win a penalty to steal the 3pts, it seems they now wanted to use their contacts in the cockney media to attack the Blues fans again.

I saw journalists from the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Telegraph retweeting QPR’s lies. I swtched my phone off and threw it against the seat of the train and wiped a tear from my eye.

‘When will somebody stick up for the people of Birmingham?‘ I asked myself.

‘Why don’t Brummie lives matter?’

‘When 21 are blown up in a terrorist attack in the 1970s, its covered up and swept under the carpet. When hundreds of Blues fans are crushed against metal railings and children are screaming in fear, we’re met with the London Press attacking us and talking about coin throwing.’

Sooner or later we’re going to have to say to ourselves, we aren’t second class citizens, and if the likes of QPR want a fight…well, they picked on the wrong club.


– Chris Brown, @vivabrownie



QPR – Against the Gates of Loftus Road

60 thoughts on “QPR – Against the Gates of Loftus Road

  1. Pearcy says:

    Sounds like I arrived and got in about the same time as you did.

    Three different times I approached various coppers to show I had tickets for me and my 16 year old daughter and asked for us to be let through. I even said I wouldn’t approach the turnstiles but because it was so dangerous, I wanted to get my daughter out of the mayhem.

    Every time, I was point blank refused by ignorant and rude policemen who couldn’t give a shit about the dangerous situation we were stuck in.

    Shame on QPR and the Met Police !


  2. Gareth says:

    Ha ha fucking ha first your a fucking liar as I walked passed your Ellerslie road entrance at 2.55 and your account is made up second you lost you were out sung and your team and city are a sad sad pile of shite. Fuck off and next season beware we don’t take abuse kindly and we don’t forget.

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    1. Jordan says:

      Haha, don’t take things lightly aye mate, all that will happen next season is more than one of you would get dropped, shit and pathetic fans! See you next season KRO


  3. what a complete load of fabricated, anti-London, dull sounding, inbred midlands waffle this was. You’re website name is as laughable as your account of the game/proceedings. Birmingham have never been great, they never will be either. You’re so worried about ‘terrorists’ yet you’re too stupid to realise that the ‘terrorists’ would not waste time or money bombing a part of the country that you wouldn’t be able to tell had been bombed or not anyway

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    1. Gerry says:

      Barry, I was not there on Saturday, but I have read too many stories and watched a number of videos for what allegedly happened to be fabricated. We have never professed to be great, but we are a great club to follow through good times and bad. From your comments on Birmingham, you can never have been here. I tell you what, meet me in Birmingham and I will take you around for the day and show you what it is like, good and bad. And we can even talk about football I suspect your answer will be ‘no’.


  4. Farquar Davis says:

    Surely there will be someone who has mobile phone camera footage of this?
    I was in the ground around 2.20 with my son so saw none of this , but thought being frisked twice outside in the street was a bit OTT. Went to the toilets at half time and there seemed to be a lot of anger being directed at coppers and stewards at the time didn’t know what for but obviously know now. My god it was tight, people queuing for refreshments but people trying to get past couldn’t there was no way round if ever there was a fire or anything you’d never get out. All seemed ok after the game no trouble.


  5. Martin says:

    I was there caught up in the mess there were about 150 blues fans who were in good spirit until we were herded into the side street and held like cattle as frustration grew it started to get out of hand police with batons striking out fans trying to push through.In my opinion it was a situation entirely caused by the police. It was over policed some overtime to be had I think for the Met boys you would have thought they were expecting 10000 away fans ! Mounted police in on the act too. I see they have released a statement to off load the blame onto football fans the usual easy target .As far as I saw the situation was entirely caused by poor policing .

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  6. Hoopster144 says:

    Why don’t you just get to the ground with plenty of time. Everyone filters in from 2:30 onwards then there’s no rush or crush. But then there’s always a proportion of idiots who ruin a good day out.

    The away from home with their mates and think they can do what they like. They lack self respect and respect for others be they supporters of the same club or opponents.

    Sorry you feel compelled to let off OTT steam to make your point but it’s understandable. No one likes injustice but sort out your own house then life will be much easier.

    As for the game if Fabrini and Donaldson had not been more intent on acting like hard done by kids then we would have been playing against 11 and not 9 in the first half.

    Yes Polter did go down for the pen but he did not carry on like a petulant child.

    Other than that good to see BFC not struggling as usual this season


  7. Gareth says:

    Listen if you go to a game cause trouble and act like a bunch of drunk morons then write a load of anti Qpr stuff on your blog then you’re going to upset people. If you think people forget that, they don’t. As for growing up, I got to my seat before kick off in a sober condition thanks. if your fans had tried to do the same instead of abusing the Police and acting like the black Country’s version of Danny Dyer they may have succeeded also.


  8. Blueman says:

    I was one of about 100 that were escorted down from the bar “Beluschi’s” that was just outside of Shepherd’s Bush train station. The escort started around about 2:30ish so we naturally thought we had enough time as we were told it was about a 20 min walk. We were led through the streets by coppers who made us stop every 5 minutes for God knows what reason before finally arriving at a mass of Blues’ fans in the residential side street mentioned here. You could go straight for upper tier or you could go leftwards to go lower. We were stuck in the upper tier crowd, bottlenecked into a side street by heavy-handed police officers who couldn’t wait to retrieve their batons and start smacking Blues fans for fun. Any QPR fan saying that this didn’t happen must already have been in the ground, tucking into their egg and watercress sandwiches.

    The police were obviously anticipating being OTT from the word go because they had already made QPR not serve alcohol to us at half time. Compare this to the jolly up that Fulham was and you’ll realise that this was not that. The police were completely OTT all day, not one of them cracked a smile at anything and they were all just downright rude in all honesty. The reason the atmosphere degenerated was because of how the police handled the entire situation, they really soured the day which led to the scenes outside the upper tier. How you can blame the Blues’ fans is beyond me.

    As for the game it wasn’t even worth the wait to get into the ground. QPR fans were utter shite. Any team that has to play music when they score a goal to try and create an atmosphere is just pathetic (Wigan, Bolton etc..). Best part of the day was seeing that cocky cockney twat get panned on the pitch. Comedy gold. If one good thing has come of it it’s that that bloke has shown QPR fans for what they are. Mouthy, plastic little cockney twats.

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    1. Eric the Beaver says:

      Must be hard being a twat, even worse being a Brummie twat with a thick as shit accent. Ever thought of leaving the pub 15 minutes earlier, one less pint for your over worked liver to deal with, a couple of hundred less calories for your no doubt fattened gut to heave around? If so you probably would have been in your seat by 2.35pm, along with many of your more sensible supporters who decided exactly on that. People might have got a bit crushed possibly because like many grounds the amount of turnstiles will not cater for a large amount of people surging towards them all at once. You’ll no doubt come back to LR next season, (lets be honest, your team is shit and once Rowell gets an offer from a decent club he will be off), once again get pissed, leave the pub late with the rest of your mates and create the same problem again, or maybe not, because once you are back to your natural habitat of fighting relegation your away support will revert to type.


      1. Blueman says:

        “Must be hard being a twat”. The irony. As I previously mentioned, we left with plenty of time and it was due to the police that we didn’t arrive at the ground until late. You’re really flying the flag of a “true” QPR fan. Debasing your argument to personal insults, when you don’t even know who I am/what I look like, etc! Very childish, “Eric the Beaver”…


    2. Eric the Beaver says:

      Shame that you are a bit upset about personal insults, maybe I ought to ask the Met to send round a personal liason officer to you to give you a cuddle. Especially given that you had previously written:

      “QPR fans were utter shite. Any team that has to play music when they score a goal to try and create an atmosphere is just pathetic (Wigan, Bolton etc..). Best part of the day was seeing that cocky cockney twat get panned on the pitch. Comedy gold. If one good thing has come of it it’s that that bloke has shown QPR fans for what they are. Mouthy, plastic little cockney twats”

      As you say, I don’t know who you are or what you look like, but I can certainly assume that your IQ is moderate at best.


      1. Blueman says:

        Come on now, Petey. No need for that sort of language is there (also no need for you to capitalise each word). Coins were exchanged by both sets of fans, although I can’t say I’ve seen it reported anywhere that there were disabled children involved apart from by QPR fans trying to justify why that silly gentleman whom got plopped on his bottom ran to the away end.


  9. I was caught up in this and there was no need for it whatsoever, I’ve been to a lot of away games where the police presence has to be massive and can get aggressive (Millwall, Wolves, Villa etc..) but this was completely OTT. My Dad had already managed to get in the ground and I was separated from my friends with no idea what was going on or when we would be allowed in, the police were completely unresponsive to the pleas of parents to at least let their kids get out of the crush and violence and we got completely knocked about. Horrible experience.

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  10. Eric the Beaver says:

    The author of this pile of shite in my opinion shouldn’t ever be let near a football ground again. Obviously he cannot differentiate between going out to get lashed with going to a football match. As other replies have indicated I have never in well over 40 years had a problem getting into a football ground in time for kick off and I travel for Christ knows what reason the length and breadth of this country to support QPR. Usually I will get into the ground by 2.30pm and never have an issue. If I take my young son I make sure that he is safe and not taken to a pub for a couple of hours to watch his old man down pint after pint of chemical beer. The child comes first and if it means going to a McDonalds beforehand so be it. The version of events provided by this guy I would imagine is totally out of context with reality, I have even read versions whereby it was over 1,000 Brum supporters being stopped from getting in. At 3pm when the game started I will say that the upper tier of the School End looked very well populated, as was the lower tier, so if there was an issue I suspect it would have been much less than 200 supporters, who were probably the same supporters that didn’t leave the Brewdog on Shepherds Bush Green (a ten minute walk to the ground), until late. Finally what I will say that it takes something of a football club to make a club like Aston Villa look first class on and off the pitch, but hats off to Birmingham on Saturday, you achieved this is spades.


    1. Clare says:

      This incident outside the ground was potentially life threatening. I too, as a responsible mother of two football loving boys, have never previously encountered problems gaining entry to a football ground. However this situation, which incidentally started well before 3pm, was inadequately handled by QPR stewards/Police who did not do their jobs properly to ensure the safety of all fans.
      The person/s responsible for making the decision to close the gate in Ellerslie Road is entirely accountable for causing this. Fans understandably expect delays at turnstiles, but this was point blank refusal of entry without any explanation. Obviously people started to get agitated. Please do not assume that all fans were drunken hooligans as actually, this “version of events” describes my experience too. A far greater number of supporters travelled to Fulham recently without any problems, where we were invited to the ground early to experience their hospitality. Had QPR offered the same, rather than banning the sale of alcohol to away fans, people who wanted to have a drink may indeed have got to the ground earlier.
      I appreciate that every club has some ‘unsavoury’ fans intent on trying to cause trouble and I certainly do not condone coin throwing. However please do not tar us all with the same brush. All Blues fans locked outside the ground were treated with complete contempt & disregard and this is unacceptable.
      This blog is a true reflection of the events and I sincerely hope you never have to experience this with your child.

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      1. Dennis O'Driscoll says:

        As a QPR season ticket holder I am sorry to see the bad experience some had. You should complain to BFC to pass onto QPR. Mr Hoos is the CEO at Rangers. Also complain to the police if their crowd control was so heavy handed. The stadium is an old one with access that isn’t up to standards expected in this day and age but its location, particularly from Ellerslie Road prevents any improvement being made. The drunk fans should have been removed and everyone else allowed to carry on. It makes no sense to close the area although I don’t know what the situation was. The fans leaving a pub on Shepherds Bush Green en-masse at 2.30 was always going to cause a problem as there is no way they could get to the ground and be in before KO


    2. Bluefire says:

      Eric, I didn’t attend the game on Saturday but I listened to local radio commentary and yes by all accounts Blues were woeful. But do you seriously think you club or present team are any bigger or better? Stop deluding yourself. Look at the league table and remind me how much you’ve spent in wages and transfer fees on your brilliant team. And it’s ROWETT not ROWELL!!!


      1. Eric the Beaver says:

        Bluefire, believe me that I am the first to criticise my own side, and if you read my post I use the phrase “I travel for Christ knows what reason the length and breadth of this country to support QPR.” I have never felt such frustration in supporting my football club in the 40 plus years that I have followed them. But then I am fully entitled to have a dig at people like Blueman who by the sounds of things suddenly thinks that because Birmingham have had a better season than for many years, and my belief it is down to one man Gary RoweTT (my apologise), then like most other clubs in this league, without a decent manager their house is made of cards.


  11. masterhoop says:

    Untold scarfers were getting attacked by mobs of blues fans,add in the coin chucking towards the disabled section and you have one of the most cowardly bunch of fans to visit Loftus road in a long time. I hope you bring as many next season.


    1. paule says:

      I certainly won’t be going near that shithole again!! Come down StAndrews with your arrogant cocky attitude you’ll end up an your arse like the twat running at the Blues fans, what a Shothole ground in a Shithole area with regarded aggressive police


  12. Ron B says:

    Really hope no one is foolish to believe a word of this fairytale. Exaggeration mixed in with fabrication, a Sun journalist in the making. Should probably give the author artistic credit for portraying few hundred latecomers scuffling with police over slow entry, as a scene akin to the Normandy landings. So many factual inaccuracies, would be hard to know where to begin. Horrific read. And what’s with the obsession with bombs? Grow up.


  13. Jo says:

    If this is a true reflection of what happened, then those who experienced it should email both clubs and the police, plus the Evening Mail. It probably won’t make a blind bit of difference, as yet again, the actions of a few, plus our reputation of having a trouble-causing minority, will take priority over reporting the truth…


  14. PJ says:

    This article is spot on !! I got to the ground at 2.45pm just as this started to kick off, kettled into an enclosed space where women & children were getting crushed against barriers. No one would take responsibility for what was happening, stewards saying it was down to the Police and the Police saying it was down to the stewards ! It got to about 3.15 & with no sign of turnstiles being opened people had had enough and pushed past stewards and Police. There was a Police officer there with pips on his shoulders so I take it he was a fairly high ranking officer, he appeared to be running from pillar to post not knowing what to do you could see the panic on his face, totally incompetent !!


  15. I watched a group of 6 cowards beat a drunk man and get him sent to hospital. Real nice to hear his wife on the phone crying.

    I watched them chucking coins at disabled fans and players.

    You are the worst fans to ever visit loftus road.

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    1. Bluefire says:

      As I said in an earlier reply I didn’t attend the match. But more than 3k Blues fans did. So tell me Pete how can you condemn a group of more than 3k when it was probably 10 or 20 at most that took part in these pathetic incidents?


      1. petebaldwin11 says:

        With football crowds, there will always be inbred, brainless morons who tag along. Every single club has them and there is no point in pretending that one club is worse than others. Go to any game anywhere in the UK and you’ll see some pissed up idiot with an IQ in the single figures wearing a track-suit and having a go at everyone.

        The thing is, these idiots don’t really have much of an influence in the overall matchday experience because they are managed by the police and stewards effectively. If someone is throwing coins, why not use the modern CCTV systems that all clubs have to see who it was and lock them up? Why not send police to that area of the ground to keep an eye on things? Why not postpone the game until the offending people are removed? QPR’s approach was to do… nothing! There’s even a rumour that the fan who got sparked out was trying to get fans to stop throwing coins! They felt that let down by your club’s managing of the game that they had to confront 3000 away fans on their own!?


  16. Roger Taylor says:

    The welcome given to away fans at QPHaaa has always left a lot to be desired . QPR 1 FULHAM 3 , they are the worst team /club for visitors . A small club for small minded individuals


  17. James says:

    It sounds like more crap stewarding to me. Some of them are a bit OTT at QPR, for home and away fans. The police should have over ruled it and opened the gates. Anyway, we won, so yay for football.


  18. PeteB says:

    Surely this could easily be resolved by QPR releasing the CCTV footage which will show what happened. Obviously if it’s something they don’t want people to see they wont so I guess we’ll find out over the next day or so.

    Delighted to see Blues stick up for their fans and point out publicly that the press are only telling half the story.

    No-one is trying to defend the idiots in the crowd – football attracts them and every club has their fair share. It’s up to the police and stewards to manage this and it seems fairly clear that they failed. How a home fan can walk straight up to the away fans without anyone trying to stop them is staggering! Doubt he’ll try that one again though! 😀

    I’m sure this will be “resolved” by Blues being fined a few quid and nothing changing. Eventually, something similar will happen to a London club visiting Birmingham and we’ll see changes – just a shame we have to wait for someone to get hurt first.


  19. Dennis O'Driscoll says:

    Wasn’t just the Blues fans – several QPR fans are saying the police stopped them getting through to the turnstiles. One said she had to walk right the way around the ground to by-pass the police line. Even though her family had gone past and were telling the officers they were together. The Stewards didn’t seem to know what was happening. As many have mentioned – it was a big away following and all proper fans will detest the behaviour of the lowlife minority. Hopefully instead of pointing fingers at each other both clubs will work together to identify those concerned and charge them


  20. Andy says:

    Christ Bcfc have half a decent season. Turn up with 10 times more fans than usual then complain when they act like animals and are treated as such.
    It must have been a real shock when you walked through the bush and see shops that weren’t boarded up. As for the clearly abnormal original poster if he had such a problem at paying £36 and being treated so poorly why didn’t he just jump on the pitch and gather up his fellow fans benefit money.


    1. paule says:

      You really are a twat your ground is a corrugated shithole the surrounding area was a fucked up mess with broken windows in the shitty flats and you are the Hardman behind a keyboard knocking Birmingham, what a prick you are.


  21. Gareth says:

    you lot must have really upset the MET back in November if they weren’t very smiley and were drawing their batons early on. Enjoy your trip to Charlton as I bet you’ve really pissed them off now!


  22. Geoff says:

    Really saddened to read these comments, thought we had moved forward as footy fans all over the country to be more civilised & not become easy news reports again. Its a game & only a game but clubs MUST look after all supporters home & away, history tells us why. Have been a BCFC fan & footy fan since 1963.


  23. Roger Bellamy says:

    Forget the ‘colour’ of disabled kids bombarded with coins and granddad being beat up outside. The glorious incorruptible Met almost caused another Hollsborough and then took a leaf out of South Yorkshire Police’s book with the ‘drunken fans assaulting the police and stew wards’ line to hide their catastrophic mismanagement.
    Next time this happens – and it will happen – it won’t be BCFC and it won’t be fatality-free. Either there’ll be another Hillsborough or another Blair Peach. QPR, get a grip.
    This is the Gypsy’s Warning.


  24. masterhoop says:

    Paule and zulu nipple sucker, it would of been great if you two would of copped it in a two man crush. Pair of plums.


  25. Andy says:

    Calm down Paule I’m sure you wouldn’t condone any bad behaviour from your fans as
    I wouldn’t our. My issue is I haven’t seen the kind of mob mentality shown by the group in question since the visit of our inbred south London cousins.
    As for the clown who took a fall I’m afraid we’ve had to banish him. He’s now being forced to change his name to Tarquin and follow that poxy South West London club with its shared stand.
    You must be some sort of genius to have figured out I’m some sort of wimpy “KEYBOARD WARRIOR”
    I almost feel honoured to have conversed with big man like you and I only hope when I grow up I could be half the man you are. Either that or I’m a really orrible cunt who you wouldn’t want meet in your worst nightmare. You choose I’m happy either way.
    Anyway must go now I’m going on ebay to see if I can find a box set of benefit Street.


  26. Bees says:

    A lot of comments on here but not heard 1 person say they have wrote to QPR to complain about what happened before the game ,and not 1home fan say they wrote a letter of complaint for what happened in the game.I don’t support either teams and never liked either side but what I do have is an up most respect for footy fans . Get writing to the clubs


  27. Gareth says:

    David Bellamy they were drunk, there were 2 guys arm in arm staggering at the top of Ellerslie road, the crowd at the gate were singing ” you don’t know what you’re doing” and others were arriving in large numbers semi pissed and semi aggressive albeit mostly posturing. The police and stewards can only deal with what’s in front of them and as someone said from what intelligence they received and from what I said about previous visits.


  28. Not much sense in this. Away fans will always be on receiving end of bad Policing. If we need to prove anything it is showing who we are! Who we support and how we support counts. Stop adding volume to losers. They come to us. Don’t give them our voice against ours. Attend. Let 30,000 fans show the Prem they need us. Great? A word for tomorrow!! KRO always.


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