The Wrath of the Boomers


What’s that famous quote?

If an infinite number of Baby Boomers, had an infinite number of twitter accounts and were typing for an infinite amount of time – could they post a tweet that wasn’t laced with a misguided sense of superiority, underpinned by a subtle threat of violence?

‘No’, if you were wondering what the answer is.

There’s a weird split among the Blues fans at the moment, and it’s weirder than the Zola-Rowett divide, or the controversy over the Chris Holland question, it’s weird because it seems, oddly, related to…age.

What do I mean?

Well, there seems to be quite a few Blues fans online, aged roughly from about 40 to 55, the Baby Boomers, who are ranting and raving about the ‘young fans’ – and the ‘young’ label is being hurled at everyone who missed out on watching Blues in the 80s.

The Boomers’ arguments seem, loosely, to relate to the following:

–          Anybody upset that Blues have sacked a former player in Rowett [who was well-liked and over-achieving] smack bang in the middle of the season [therefore  throwing the players into disarray, riling the majority of the fans, derailing the club and undoing two years of progress] is somehow a ‘Villa fan’ that needs to ‘go to Villa Park’.

–     Those fans upset a promising young British manager has been given the boot, in order for the club to become a sort of ‘QPR’ circus, with a celebrity manager flooding the club with mercenary loans and disinterested foreign stars is, again, some kind of ‘nouveau fan’, a ‘Premier League fan’, not a real Blues fan, and should once again, traverse to Witton.

–     Most of the fans upset Rowett has been sacked are ‘younger fans’ who didn’t watch us in the 80s, and have therefore never experienced any hardship as supporters and therefore do not have the right to hold any hopes or desires for the club, they can’t complain ever, they cannot criticise board members. Essentially they just have to just ‘belt up’ because they didn’t see the horror of the 80s.

The first thing to say about these vile Boomer slurs is that point two is utterly and ridiculously flawed.

This argument that somehow younger fans AGAINST the need for big celebrity names, sexy football, foreign mercenaries, instant success and promotion means they’re a new breed of ‘Premier League type fans’.


How does that work?

Surely if you supported Rowett, and invested emotionally in the project, and were quite happy to see a slow progression; to see Blues stable, and signing players with the right attitude, and watching our team of misfits unite together to beat teams with much larger budgets and wage bills, using hard work, graft, discipline and tactics –  surely THAT is more in-line with what you’d believe a humble, ‘80s’ Blues mentality represents?

Not demanding Barcelona football on a shoe string budget.

That to me, strikes me as a very nouveau fan attitude to take. Yet, many of the online Boomers are making this very argument.

An argument that doesn’t make a lick of sense.

As for the 80s? Well, let’s deal with the Boomers’ outrageous lies, shall we!

The Boomers depict the 80s as some kind of Orwellian hell. Some rancid post-apocalyptic world for Blues which saw the club hit such intense lows that every fan who emerged from the era in one piece, subsequently went on to obtain ‘super-fan’ powers and consequently can never be questioned, or debated with.

It was like Vietnam, but worse.

And you weren’t there, man.

You weren’t there.

Well Boomers, how bad was it?

1980-81 – Top Flight

1981-82 – Top Flight

1982-83 – Top Flight

1983-84 – Top Flight

1984-85 – Championship

1985-86 – Top Flight

1986-87 – Championship

1987-88 – Championship

1988-89 – Championship

1989-90 – League One

….ONE season worse than what we’re dealing with at the moment.


And half the decade in the top flight.


A couple more years in the Championship under Panos and TTA, and the post-McLeish Blues will have comfortably endured a worse time of it than anything experienced in the 80s.

Three seasons of Lee Clark is a close contender in itself.

So hark! Hark! Fellow MTV generationers, we’ve been sold lies and propaganda by the Boomers. They’re not super fans, they’re just people who had to endure an uncomfortable year at the end of the decade, and now they’re claiming status as 80s martyrs to posture and portray themselves as superior.

Well the Boomers aren’t wise oracles that must have total silence in the room when they impart their wisdom on the world.

They’re mentals. Their minds have been fried to mush by Tiswas and asbestos roofing.

You have to be a fruit loop to think sacking Rowett was justifiable, or to believe we should be blitzing everybody out of the water with the third worst budget in the division.

Just last week, a SHA forummer was delighting in Blues’ three defeats out of four, by praising ‘the angles of the passes‘.

We Rowett Youth members looked at one another agog and aghast. How can anybody think the ‘angles of the passing‘ is something worth celebrating, let alone suggesting it’s as important as all 3 pts?

Other messages on SHA were posted that because Barry Fry punched a steward in 1996, nobody is allowed to criticise Panos.

The other Boomers were delighted.

‘Great post’ , ‘What a star’, ‘Sums it up’. The Boomers chirped.

I felt like I was taking crazy pills. Total Boomer insanity.

These people should be seen and not heard, and preferably not seen if they’re still wearing their usual Parker jacket and bucket hat combo.

They’re crazed. Utterly obsessed with Nigel Gleghorn and Synthesizers. Refusing to enter the modern day realm.

Well, you’re not a superior fan because your parents had sex in the 60s. You just happened to be born at a time which allowed you to watch Blues in the 80s, which actually wasn’t all that bad in the end as we discussed earlier. If myself, or other members of the Rowett Youth were around in the 80s, we’d have gone down the Blues too. So there.

It’s time to close the book of memories. Put down the glass of freshly squeezed nostalgia. Stop demanding that Blues stay shit forever and that nobody is allowed to hold Panos and co to scrutiny, and start living in the present.

Just because Blues have ownership problems, there’s plummeting attendances, a TV star is president of the United States and Star Wars is smashing the box office, doesn’t mean the 80s are coming back….

…oh, ignore that last paragraph.



The Wrath of the Boomers

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